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Spytech Shadow is a unique spytool which relies on visual screen monitoring, rather than text based monitoring. Spytech Shadow allows you to log full visual screenshots every few seconds, as specified - allowing you to see what websites are visited, applications ran, emails read, chat sessions, and much more! Spytech Shadow has a built in screenshot viewer which allows you to page through the captured screenshots, or to have the screenshots played back automatically in a slideshow-like display.

Spytech Shadow also features a built in internet cache viewer which allows you to page through, or automatically playback, all images viewed on the internet! Each built in viewer has the capability for image export for future reference! If you want more of a visual description of how users are using your machine - or what is being done on the machine in question, then Spytech Shadow is your answer! You get to see what they do - as if you were actually standing there observing them!

Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Spytech Shadow is a unique screenshot capturing spytool. Spytech Shadow features the ability to:
  • Capture Screenshots: at set intervals: Capture desktop snapshots of what the users sees - now you see what they are seeing!
  • Playback Screenshots: Playback all recorded screenshots in a built in viewer for easy presentation and viewing!
  • Cache Image Viewer: View internet cache images that have been viewed on your machine!
  • Action Logging: Log all system shutdowns/startups, username changes, and monitoring changes.
  • Total Stealth: Monitor your machine in total stealth without the user knowing about Shadow!
  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • 2 MB Disk space
  • 760 KB Download



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