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SpyAgent is a powerful monitoring utility that can be used for just about anything.

SpyAgent can be used to filter website and programs used on your PC, as well as log all PC activity. These features lead to some exciting uses:

Business Administration:
SpyAgent can be used for employee monitoring. SpyAgent can make sure employees stay on task and do not abuse business machines. Logs can also be delivered via email for administrative examination.

With SpyAgent running on school/institutional workstations, machine abuse and misuse is a thing of the past. Actions can be tracked down to individual users according to the time and date in which they happened and can be saved to convenient logs for incrimination!

Parental Control:
As a parent, you always wonder about how your child uses the computer. Well, with SpyAgent you do not need to wonder anymore! All usage is logged: internet connections, websites visited, windows opened, everything they typed, and so forth. Now you will be able to control your child's computer usage.

Spousal Monitoring:
If you have ever wondered if your spouse is talking to a secret admirer via the Internet, SpyAgent is your solution. You can track their emails and web activity just incase they are cheating.

Personal Control and File Backup:
If privacy is a concern of yours, then SpyAgent can help. You can enable SpyAgent while you go away from the computer and all activities while your away are logged. SpyAgent can even be used to save documents that have been lost due to system crashes - if you have the keystroke monitoring enabled!

SpyAnywhere is powerfully engineered software with all users in mind. SpyAnywhere presents very intuitive and easy to use interface which will please the seasoned computer user to the beginning novice. SpyAnywhere can be setup for all computing environments - whether it be a home user or a network administrator for a large corporate network.

The Home User
Home users now have the ability to remotely control and access their personal PC's from any outside location through their web-browser! Users can access their remote computer's files, lock their computer down from unwanted users, shut their computer down when they no longer need to use it, or keep tabs on who is using their computer!

The Parent
Parents, now you can keep tabs on your children while you are at work from your own PC! Simply point your webbrowser to the remote machine you want to check in on and SpyAnywhere will allow you to see exactly what your child is doing! Do not like what they are doing? Then shut down their PC, or just pop up a little scolding warning message!

The Corporate/Business User
SpyAnywhere is an excellent solution for the business and corporate environment. Employers and Administrators can easily keep tabs on an entire network of computers and their users from a single machine - just by using their web-browser! Now administrators have the power to monitor and control every PC on their network without having to actually be present. SpyAnywhere also features additional security features which allow administrators to restrict access to SpyAnywhere controlled machines to their network only using SpyAnywhere's built in IP allowance rulesets!


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